Welcome to Savannah Wildlife Rescue Center (SWRC). We are a 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Georgia native wildlife and improving the welfare of wildlife through education. We are happy that you are interested in volunteering your time and assisting in a mission that is rewarding and meaningful. Volunteering or interning require different levels of time, commitment and experience. Interns will be learning a wide range of skills that they can carry with them into the work force. We look forward to working with you to find a volunteer role that matches your interest, skills and schedule. All volunteers/interns must fill out an application, an agreement, and a liability release waiver.

Volunteer responsibilities are to help maintain a safe, clean, and peaceful environment for the animals to heal and grow. Because of this responsibility, many times our duties are not pleasant or easy and require daily repetition of tasks to ensure our facility is clean and safe. Also, a quiet demeanor and strong work ethics are necessary. On the job training is provided. With your help the orphaned or injured wildlife babies can recover and be returned back to the wild.

Please call the Director at 912-596-1237 to schedule an interview.