Meet The Rehabilitator

Jeanne Paddison
Executive Director & Lead Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Jeanne Paddison started her love of animals and wildlife at a young age. At the age of eleven, her father brought home two Shetland Ponies. Not long after, her father started bringing home any creature he came across that was in need. Jeanne's calling to care for these animals thrives to this day.

Jeanne is now a full-time wildlife rehabilitator. She provides a place of safety and treatment for injured or orphaned wildlife. She welcomes any animals she is able to help with open arms, but she specializes in baby raccoons. She has dedicated her life's work to these misunderstood creatures by rehabilitating them and educating the public about them. Her goal is to educate society on how to respect and view the wild world around them. Jeanne's is extremely passionate about her calling and dedicates her life to making a difference in the Savannah wildlife community.